Terms and Conditions of Iskon.Jumbo service

Description and content of the service

Article 1

These terms and conditions regulate the relations between Iskon Internet d.d. OIB:36779353407 as the service provider (hereinafter: Iskon) and the user of the ISKON JUMBO service (hereinafter: Service; Plural: Services).

The service consists of transfer, storage and sharing of files via web interface. The users will have at their disposal 4 types of service that have different features of storage and file transfer. All services can be bought by a credit card using T-Com payway service. All services are prepaid.

T-Com payway, is under no circumstances a part of the contractual obligation between Iskon and the User, which derives from using our web service and paying through Payway, nor is responsible for any damages that can be afflicted to the User or a third party by using or misusing payment gateway T-Com payway.

Article 2

The user of JUMBO MAIL can send a file/files up to 700 MB. Sent files can be downloaded 10 times and will be available on the server for a period of maxium 10 days

The user of JUMBO BOX FREE service can upload a single file or files up to 5 GB to his/her storage that is 3 GB.

The user of JUMBO BOX FREE service that signed in to the service using Iskon's email address can upload a single file or files up to 5 GB to his/her storage that is 5 GB.

The user of JUMBO BOX service can upload a single file or files up to 10 GB to his/her storage that is 100 GB.

The user of JUMBO POWER BOX service can upload a single file or files up to 150 GB to his/her storage that is 300 GB.

Article 3

A message about the uploaded file is sent automatically via email to the recipients of the JUMBO MAIL service.

The users of JUMBO BOX and POWER BOX can access their files via the interface where they can see all uploaded files and all shared files.

Messages about uploaded files can be sent to an unlimited number of users, and the number of allowed downloads is 10 for JUMBO MAIL service and unlimited for JUMBO BOX and JUMBO POWER BOX service.

Antivirus protection and backup

Article 4

Iskon applies antivirus protection to all the files that are shared as a part of the service. Users accept and are aware that antivirus protection does not offer 100% protection and that during the use of the service there can be some unexpected errors and shortcomings.

Article 5

Iskon does not ensure 100% protection of the files that are handled by the service. The Users are completely aware and accept the possibility of permanent file damage or file loss.

Help and support

Article 6

Phone support is available only to registered users of, JUMBO BOX FREE, JUMBO BOX and JUMBO POWER BOX service. To users of JUMBO MAIL service we offer support via email form https://jumboiskon.tportal.hr/contact


Article 7

The User is completely responsible for all the content he/she is uploading, sharing or receiving via our service.

While using this service, the users are not allowed to:

  • publish or transfer a file that is protected by the copyright law or other similar laws;
  • publish secret or in any way protected documents of any individual, company or other service;
  • make fraudulent misrepresentation on behalf of any other natural or legal person;
  • all acts that can directly or indirectly endanger safe usage of the service by other users or other functions of Iskon;

Every infringement of this article will be considered a breach of contract between Iskon and the User without a right for a refund for paid service. The notice of the breach of contract will be delivered to the User via mail.

Article 8

Iskon has the right to request from Users to compensate for all the damage caused by misuses of the service.

Article 9

Based on its own judgment, Iskon has the full right to temporarily or permanently cancel the service to Users who are misusing the service; the cancelation will be done without the right to a refund of the money paid to use the service.

Termination of the service

Article 10

Service can be contracted for the duration of 1, 6 or 12 months. At least 15 days before the expiration of the subscription, Iskon will notify the user via email. The user can at any point of his subscription file a request for extension of subscribed period.

Payment is done in advance for the determined duration of the service. For this, Iskon will issue a receipt to the User. Maximum number of days that can be purchased is 450 days.

The User is fully aware and accepts that all the data users’ uploads to the service will be available for a period of 60 days after the subscription expires. After that period, all the files will be permanently deleted.

After expiration of 60 day period without login into JUMBO BOX FREE service the subscription expires. All the files will be deleted and all features will no longer be available. The user can at any point extend his subscription by logging in to into the service.

JUMBO BOX FREE user can at any point upgrade his account to JUMBO BOX or JUMBO POWERBOX

After expiration of 60 day period and permanent deletion of all the files the user will still be able to login into JUMBO BOX FREE, JUMBO BOX I JUMBO POWERBOX with his registration data (e-mail, password). JUMBO BOX FREE will again be available to the user upon login according to this Terms and Conditions.


Article 11

Iskon does not control or monitor the content that is uploaded or shared by users of the service. Iskon cannot ensure instantaneous removal of the content that is not in accordance with the Terms of Use.

Article 12

Users are fully aware and accept that Iskon holds no responsibility for the following occurrences that may arise during the use of the service:

  • loss of files or changes to files (deletion of attachments suspicious of being infected by a virus);
  • undelivered sent email messages;
  • wrongful and incomplete detection of emails infected by viruses.

Article 13

Users are fully aware and accept that there is a possibility that the Service will not be available at all times. Iskon holds no responsibility for the damage caused during downtime of the service.

Iskon holds no responsibility for any direct or indirect damage or loss of profit that may arise due to the use of service. Iskon holds no responsibility for deletion, disappearance, renaming, loss or destruction of the data being transferred by using the service.

Final provisions

Article 14

On top of this, Terms of Use we also apply our standard Iskon Terms of Use that are a standard part of every user agreement. They are available on our web site: